Workshop: Shale Gas in North America

he primary goal of the workshop is to inform the international audience of the IAEE of the geology, technology and economics of shale gas production; its history in North America, implications for the global natural gas markets, and, perhaps of most interest to the IAEE audience, the ability to repeat the US experience in other countries with shale gas resources. The workshop will be given by Dr. Svetlana Ikonnikova and Dr. Gürcan Gülen from the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG), The University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Scott Tinker, Director of the BEG. The Bureau has been conducting the most in-depth, publicly available, interdisciplinary analysis of major shale plays in the U.S. since 2010. The detailed description of the study, links to current publications and presentations as well as general information on the project and team members can be found at The workshop materials are built on this foundation (see draft agenda below). Registration fee is 100 USD.


Draft Schedule

  • Opening Remarks – Impact of unconventional resources on global energy markets
    by Dr. Tinker (10 min)
  • Geology of shale gas plays – Geologic and physical characteristics of shale plays
    by Dr. Tinker (45 min)
  • Production from shale gas plays – Decline rates and relative production of gas versus liquids, likely tail behavior for unconventional wells and technologies to improve recovery, specialized management techniques in shale fields
    by Dr. Ikonnikova (45 min)
  • Environmental and regulatory issues – Water availability, disclosure of chemical additives, recycling and/or disposal of flowback water, aquifer protection by improved wellbore integrity, vented and fugitive methane, earthquake hazards, US vs. international regulatory approaches.
    by Dr. Tinker, Dr. Gülen, Dr. Ikonnikova (20 min)
  • Break 
  • Well and field economics of shale gas production – Differences in economic analysis of shale prospects versus conventional plays, role of liquids, estimating EUR as a function of physical properties, impact of tax policies. Outlooks for major plays.
    by Dr. Ikonnikova, Dr. Gülen (40 min)
  • Implications of US unconventional production on global LNG markets. Opportunities and challenges for shale gas development around the world.
    by Dr. Gülen, Dr. Ikonnikova, Dr. Tinker (20 min)